Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UNFIXING paintings by IAN WIECZOREK, Official opening by Hazel Walker Sat 10th April @ 5pm

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Jackie Askew -Liscannor Suite, an exhibition of drawing, painting and photography in the RED COUCH SPACE

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Opening 10th April at 5pm

Liscannor Suite-
In this exhibition the artist connects with her immediate environment of the beach and the objects washed up on it. Through the process of drawing and painting she explores these objects and engages with the materiality of what has been uprooted and given by the sea.

Jackie Askew lives in Liscannor Co. Clare and has exhibited regularly over the last twenty years with solo exhibitions at The Mermaid Arts Centre, Dunamaise Arts Centre, The Riverbank Arts Centre, County Hall Kilkenny and has been selected for many group exhibitions in Ireland and England.
The Rua Red Arts Centre In Tallaght will be hosting a solo exhibition of her work in August this year This exhibition has been curated by Tallaght Alternative Arts and Entertainment .
As well as private collections her work is in the collection of Limerick City Council and Meath County Council.

This exhibition is supported by Clare County Council Arts Office.
Contact no: 087 9440850 

KELLY POWER – WITH HEAVEN’S HELP exhibition of Paintings, in the SMALL ROOM

Official opening 10th April @ 5pm by Hazel Walker


Kelly Power is a painter who resides in Waterford. She finished her degree in Limerick College of Art in 2009, and since then has won the 'Freyer Award' at the RDS Art Awards, has held a successful solo exhibition in the Museum of National Treasures in Waterford, and has several exhibitions throughout the country this summer. Kelly also has just recently won the merit award in 'The Golden Fleece Awards'. This award commemorates excellence in traditional craft and aids the artists professional practice. Kelly's work is concerned with the notion of unsettling and unease within figurative work.

UNFIXING, recent works by IAN WIECZOREK. Official opening by Hazel Walker, artist & art lecturer on Saturday 10th April @ 5 pm

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Ian Wieczorek - UNFIXING
“Our eyes continually move even while we fix our gaze on an object. If fixational eye movements are counteracted, our visual perception fades completely. So, our visual system has a built-in paradox - we must fix our gaze to inspect the minute details of our world, but if we were to fixate perfectly, the entire world would fade from view.”
         - Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen L.Macknik, David H.Hubel 1 
UNFIXING is a visual exploration that engages with the experiential nature of painting, as work completed by the viewer: how paintings are ‘read’, and the relationship between artist-mediated surface and perceived spatial presence. Thematically based on research exploring the physicality of the human condition, the works establish visual ambiguities to create tensions and confluences, uncertainties, juxtapositions and dislocations. The results attempt to invoke an ‘in-between space’ mediated by the viewer, posing questions about perception and visual understanding: how we look and what we actually ‘see’.
Ian Wieczorek was born in England in 1958, and his educational background was initially in Science (Microbiology). He moved to Co. Mayo in 1992. Since that time he has been a freelance arts commentator/reviewer, and was founder/editor of Arts West (an independent independent arts magazine for the West of Ireland from 1994-2000). He has a BA in Art & Design (Painting) from GMIT, Castlebar, Co. Mayo, and has been a practising artist since 2003.
Currently based in the Custom House Studios in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ian has exhibited widely in group/selected shows (Ireland, Northern Ireland, Germany, China), including IONTAS and COE. This is his fifth solo show. For further information, check out

exhibition ends 6th May