Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Light, Space and the Body

Light, Space and the Body

 22nd May - 24th June

 Maeve Collins 
 Karen Hendy
 Adam Pomeroy

An exhibition of work by three artists who are all coming to the body through a journey of individual enquiry and process. The show comprises of mixed media artworks, drawing and painting.

Maeve Collins uses drawing to begin going back into her body, where transparent materials are layered in sculptural artworks, incorporating light and space. The layering of surfaces attempts to hold a fleeting sense of drawings from the body. The qualities of these embodied works reveal a tense stillness and an expressive quietness with a reflective need.

  Karen Hendy's work represents her desire to capture the cycle of change, which is characteristic of impermanence; the disintegration and reinvention of reality, a process that is never at rest, and how this relates to the body. To do this Hendy works through painting, where she uses oil on canvas to express this desire in very abstracted colourful artworks.  

Adam Pomeroy: "In these works, the figure has been realistically depicted, but placed in a background that is devoid of time and place. This serves to challenge its solidity and subvert the illusion of reality. The subject shares no common truth with the viewer; it exists only within its own space. The figure is used as a means to question what we are alone and nameless."


Other People's Memories

Other People's Memories
by  Sara Foust
 Red Couch Space. 22 May - 19 June
 "Other People's Memories" is a preview of new work by artist Sara Foust.
   below: "Ready Steady" by Sara Foust
 Much of the work was created by Sara as part of a public art commission in Kilarney, Co. Kerry. Over the past year, Sara has interviewed residents of a sheltered housing facility in Kilarney about what home means to them. Based on these collected statements, she has created 45 paintings, one for each of the residents, which will be given to them later in the year. The paintings are inspired by stories recounted for her by the residents and capture a sense of fragmented nostalgia, of mystery and fairytale, like half-remembered stories. Sara uses a technique of vivid underpainting to create visual feedback,giving a sense of colour which buzzes and hums. The paintings seem to shimmer, with contrary colours underlying and breaking through.  "Other People's Memories" is a selection of work from the commission, a privileged peek at this new work by Sara Foust

Saturday, May 15, 2010


North Clare made film
 Seaside Stories
by Writer/Director Fergus Tighe  
on  Friday 21stMay at 8pm in the Gallery.   
Admission €5

Locky is a boy who's been flourishing since his mother, Anna gave up the drink three years ago
. When Anna's old boyfriend gets out of prison she falls back into her old ways of daytime drinking while Locky runs wild in the streets with his friend Callo, played by Caolann O'Dwyer 13.  Meanwhile sally arrives home determined to tell Locky that she really is his mother. This does not go exactly as planned and sets the scene for a series of events that changes the lives of all involved.
 You can see a few clips of the film on YouTube
Gallivanting Media
 353 86 857 5080

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

the Billy Holiday Show

Dog and String Theatre    in the gallery with                      

the Billy Holiday Show
Sat. 8th May 
at 2pm & 4pm

Why do goats sing and can anyone get into the Billy Holiday Show?   Even sheep?
The Billy Holiday Show has all the answers.
With a little help from the audience all will be revealed.
Named after the great jazz singer to whom she aspires, Billy is probably the world's most famous singing goat.She tries with limited success to bring to the limelight stars from the underworld pool of talent that quietly graze our hillsides.She comes     with her own troupe to perform the puppet plays "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and "Dolly and the Daisy's Fantastic Fizzical Theatre" but beware footballers come and go but a troll is always a troll......
Can sheep make it big in show business? The audience must decide.
                                                      Admission €5 
                      Fundraiser for Burren Sonas Kindergarten

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Official Opening on Thursday  13th May at 8pm.
in the main gallery at the Courthouse.

This exhibition displays an array of different disciplines studied by the students of FETAC level 5 and 6 at the Ennistymon Vocational School, as is evident in the diversity of the styles and types of works being shown. These include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and ceramics.

The FETAC course is intensive and open to anyone who has an interest in, and wishes to expand their knowledge and skill in art. The course is always well subscribed, with an eclectic mix of people, both in age and background attending, creating a lively and open-minded environment in which to learn.

Previous exhibitions have been well received by the local and wider community, and it is hoped that many people will take the opportunity to come and view this latest collection.

Should you require further information about this exhibition please contact Ennistymon Vocational School (065) 70 71375