Monday, June 25, 2012

Salmon Poetry in association with the Courthouse Gallery
Presents and invites you
to celebrate the publication of a new collection of poetry

Night Horses
by Ilsa Thielan          

On Friday 29th June 2012, 7pm

We hope to see you but if you can’t make it to the launch, you can order directly from:

Book Description:

Ilsa Thielan's poetry, like her renowned photographs, embraces a variety of landscapes.   She is well known for her photographs of the flora and fauna of the Burren in Co. Clare, Ireland.  Her poems have a lyric intensity and beauty that capture the presence of this unique landscape.  As well as her careful appreciation and commitment to her Burren home, Ilsa Thielan is an adventurous traveller. For many years she has spent time on her own in the wilderness of Northern Canada and explored the landscapes of New Mexico, North Africa and Spain.  Her photography and poetry exhibitions include a homage to the people she met at the Festival au Desert, 65 kilometers beyond Timbuktu, in the vastness of the Sahara.  She has attended the legendary Festval of St. Sara,  also known as the Festival of the Gypsies, in  Saintes Maries de la Mer, Carmargue in the South of  France, an area famous for it's beautiful white horses.  As indicated by the title of this collection, horses appear often in Ilsa Thielan's poetry; a freedom both real and metaphorical. In this, her first poetry collection, she shows her love for the wild  places, for people who live closely with nature and the animals who aid and inspire them.

Ilsa Thielan studied literature and art in her native Germany. She moved to Ireland in the 1970s and settled in Doolin, Co Clare.  Since then she has gained a considerable reputation as a photographer of the Burren and North Clare landscapes, and has written and published poems and short stories. She was an early member of  the North Clare Writers' Workshop, Ennistymon. Her poems and stories appeared regularly in the North Clare Writers' annual  anthology. Her work has been published in many journals, including Stet, Women's  Work, The Burren  Meithal, Revival,  and with the North Clare 'Three Legged  Stool Poets'. Her poem 'My Brother' was published in Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology (Salmon Poetry, 2010).

She has read her poetry at The Cuirt International Festival of Literature, the Ennis Bookclub Festival, Glor Music Centre and the Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon.

Her poetry and stories are born out of her experience and observations
of life, the natural environment of her Burren home, her love for the animals whose paths she has crossed, her relationships with people she met on her travels, and her time spent in the American Southwest, the Sahara of North Africa, and the Canadian wilderness.

Jessie Lendennie
Managing Director
Salmon Poetry Ltd.

Salmon Poetry receives financial assistance from the Arts Council / An Chomhairle Ealaíon

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flamenco - Fatima Lucia with Al-Andar

Thursday 21st June @ 8.30pm

Admission €10, concession €8, children €5

Flamenco company "Al-Andar" presents their new show "Soltando Amarras" ("Casting off") ,   Singer Olayo Giménez  will travel to Ireland from Andalusia to join dancer/choreographer Fatima Lucia  and guitarist John Walsh on their new tour together. Fatima launched Flamenco in Ireland, teaching and performing nationwide since 1993, when she arrived from her hometown, Cadiz. She has done 'Flamenco-Sean Nos'  fusion work touring with Irish musicians such as Martin O'Connor, Arty Mc Glynn and Sean Keane,
 Al-Andar performs Flamenco in its purest form, bringing you the unique sensitivity and passion of this old tradition from Southern Spain.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How the Land Lies

Paintings by Mairead O’Neill Laher

14th June – 12th July
Official opening Saturday 16th June at 4pm

Mairead O’Neill Laher

The work is mostly oil on canvas, with some oil on paper.
Laher’s paintings are a response to the landscape, in particular that of the west coast of Ireland. Though the work is based in an actual landscape what emerges from the work process are landscapes of the imagination.
It is said that in every new landscape we see something that triggers memory and reminds us of other half forgotten landscapes. Any attempt to respond to the natural world in paint must also by extension be imbued with memory and personal



Mairead O’Neill Laher was born in Limerick and now lives in Dublin. A graduate of NCAD, she is a painter who since graduating has had solo shows in Chicago, New York and Johannesburg, as well as shows in Dublin and Belfast. Influenced by poetry and memory, her work is an investigation of landscape as part of an ongoing exploratory process

 'Over the Rocks' Mairead O'Neill Laher

“Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography,
none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography”.
Edward Said

In the Red Couch Space

Tiger Lily. Maudie de Kaijzer

Paintings and Small Installations by Maudie de Keijzer
14th June – 12th July

Official opening Saturday 16th June at 4pm

Maudie de Keijzer is a Dutch artist based in Co. Clare since February 2011
In September 2011 she started working as a studio artist at the Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery. Oblivion will be her first Exhibition in Ireland.

With a mixture of oil paintings and small installations I explore the tensions between people and the world around them. I am looking at their ability to communicate and how they communicate and relate to each other within these tensions. To me oblivion is a state of being in which the possibility of transformation is concealed.  

            Discarded. Maudie de Kaijzer

Dear all,
As you may have noticed, yesterday our email address was hacked and used to perform a well known phishing scam to try and convince people to pay money to supposedly rescue me, Trudi, from Spain. I can assure you all I am very well here in Ennistymon and we have taken extensive measures to increase the security of our email. The mail you received was in itself no threat to your computer, private data or your personal information at all - it was just trying to convince you to send money like so many other email phishing scams. It is important to note that this was a hack carried out external to The Gallery, Computers and Data. G-mail is a very popular email provider that many of us use and is 99% of the time reliable. We have informed g-mail of the incident and hope that this is the last time we have such an occurrence.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your concern and I apologise for any inconvenience caused.
With best regards,
From Trudi
And all of us in the Courthouse.