Wednesday, June 10, 2009

'Dolphin Address' by JAN PLOEG

Photography and Video exhibition

Launch 19th June at 8pm - exhibition runs until July 12th
The official opening takes place on the 19th June by Dr. Simon Berrow, founder of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and Project officer of the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation
The exhibition of the Dutch sculptor and photography artist Jan Ploeg shows 26 large mounted photographs of the dolphin Dusty, taken just under the waters' surface, where the sunlight is still strong, making her appear as being clad in a golden shroud. In addition, three computers will be set up where visitors will be able to view hundreds of photographs and underwater videos or logon to the artist's website

What makes Jan's work so unique is his passion and dedication to nature, the sea and dolphins in particular. During his first visit to Ireland in 1992, he started to swim with 'Fungi the Dolphin' and later in 2002 with 'Dusty'. In order to understand and sculpt these wonderful animals better, he developed 'WaterWing', which he is still using to swim with the dolphin.
It can best be described as a fusion of the pectoral fins, which are tilted into an up and down movement in which the water is pushed backwards. This 'WaterWing', as well as Jan's swimming gear and monofin will be shown at the launch of the exhibition.

In his own words, Jan describes his work as follows: "As a sculptor I am interested in matching properties of wood, like the shape, colour or grain with an image from Nature. The image, whether in three-dimensional wood, in expressive language or in visual capture is my major inspiration". He goes on to say: "I always start from reality, attempt to share its beauty, explore its manifestations or demonstrate hidden dimensions. I like to coin this approach 'Poetic Reality' as an encouraging counterpart to the harshness generally ascribed to it".

Jan made three books: 'Dolphin Address', 'Dusty' and 'Waterscapes'. These books and the photographs in A4 format by on-the-spot printing will be on sale in the Gallery during the exhibition.In addition, he has made a DVD, named 'Dolphin Address' containing underwater videos, an anthology of the 'Dolphin Address' website articles, a 30 chapter story about his teenage adventure and more short stories will be available as well.

Examples and details of his work can be found on

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