Saturday, June 26, 2010

O'Connor,Prendergast, Sharp, Landscapes of N. & W. Clare

2nd July - 29th July

This exhibition will open on Saturday 3rd July at 5pm

These three artists roam the roads of Clare; no longer with knapsack and easel but driving as we all do, and suddenly seeing something across a field or even in the wing of a mirror.

Mike O'Connor arrives home with scrapes of notes and pencil-drawings, which also may stay pinned in view for many months before being processed as a black and white or multicolour linocut. The need then, since a print is made through indirect stages, is to restore the energy of the first viewing - through varied style / technique of block cutting and hand printing.

Tom Prendergast hunts by road , from Kilkee to Kilbaha, often spending painstaking hours on a postcard size oil painting onto hardboard. Other images are brought home to be formalized into strong, simple elements with cutout paper.

or Richard Sharp and his dog there will be a screech of brakes, a clatter of dulex cans, and some bright thing will be rapidly recorded in pastels, Indian Ink or gloss paint, on canvas or MDF board. Some will be completed in minutes while others may wait their turn for a year before being resolved.

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