Wednesday, November 24, 2010

'Trasna' the auction


  ‘Trasna’ exhibition and auction of postcard-sized work

  • This collection of almost 200 postcards-sized works from national + international artists will be auctioned by Chris Wallis and Sarah Fuller on the opening night at 8 pm.
  • There is a reserve price of €40 on each work.
  • This is a silent auction, meaning artists are anonymous until after works are purchased.
  • To place a bid : please use stickers provided to indicate which piece you are interested in bidding on.
  • Auction starts at 8 pm, and the highest bidder can take their purchased work on the night. 
  • List of participating artists : Emma Houlihan, Cora Griffin, Cynthia Sinnott, Will O’Kane, Madeline Smith, Jackie Askew, Leslie Wieltschnig, Valerie O’Driscoll, Mimie White, Frank Golden, Patricia Tuite, Pauline Keena, Carmel O’Driscoll, Tara Barone, Sarah Stevens, Margaret Duffy, Fiona O’Dwyer, Desmond McLoughlin, Ann Vaughan, Ben Smith, Kate Hodman, Betty Gannon, Katja Wittmer, Joe Ryan, James Slevin, Judy O’Sullivan, Finola Graham, Achim Riffelwood, Trudi van der Elsen, Liz Moloney, Mary Hoey-Dietz, Barbara Damen, Koos van der Elsen, Maeve Collins, Alexandra Boettcher, Ilsa Thielan, Caitriona Sheedy, Vicky Lennie, Hilary Gilmore, Thomas Prendergast, Natalie El Baba, Madeleine Lara Smith, Mimi Kern, Charles Henihan, Mary McMahon, Ian Wieczorek, Orla Campbell, Gabrielle Cap, Caireann Browne, Carol Kennedy, Fiona Calnan, Joyce Shee, Josephine Quigley, Jean Duffy, Mary Fahy, Emma Barone, Sadie Cramer, Dorothy Ledwith, Tessa O’Connor, Marianne Slevin-Potterton, Dyan Smith, Corinna Schroeder-v.Frihling, Sinead O’Connell, Marje O’Brien, Nicola Henley, Marie Connole, Diana Reid.

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