Wednesday, July 6, 2011

'Timelines' an exhibition by Emma Barone, Kathryna Cuschieri, Ciara McMahon

Emma Barone   – paintings
Kathryna Cuschieri – glass sculptures
Ciara McMahon – video

Official opening on July 9th at 5pm – exhibition runs until July 30

Emma Barone’s paintings are inspired by the shape trees adopt on the West Coast of Ireland. This shape, or form, presents a distinctive windblown profile, one that is sculpted by the elements. The proximity of the Atlantic Ocean is a major determining factor in terms of influencing and moulding the shape of the trees. She sees the physical manifestation of ‘shape’ as having spiritual, psychological, elemental and socio-historical dimensions. ‘Trees have an energy which absorbs, responds and emits in a cyclical, generational, manner. It is my intention to capture these layers, through the medium of art and to share my vision in a way that the observer can connect to and re-establish an already existing relationship with past, present and future.’

Kathryna Cuschieri’s glass sculptures involve 
casting body parts of people she feels connected to and influenced by the timeline of their lives. By engaging with the process of their life, this enables her to create artworks which they have inspired, turning their inner world into visible glass landscapes. When casting the person they have been asked to transfer emotional awareness into the mould which affects the outcome of the finished piece. ‘All my pieces are created by fusing layers of glass and copper, aluminium, gold, silver and gold mica. These fused pieces are then cast or slumped into the body molds to create the finished pieces’

 Ciara McMahon’s video installation ‘Mutual : Esteem’ documents a site specific collaborative event at SIN nightclub, Temple bar, Dublin by ‘The Forever Young Choir’ and Ciara McMahon. Documentation chronicles a seven month period of research and interchange between the Dublin based artist and ‘The Forever Young Choir’, a 28 member over 70’s mixed choral group, based in Ennis, Co. Clare.
An immersive experience, the work provocatively contrasts cultural idioms – rural folk culture and uber trendy night clubbing – to create a playful work questioning pedestrian responses to popular cultural spaces. In SIN's atmospheric environment the choir performed such long standing hits as 'Lillie Marleen' and 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot'. 
The choir practice once a week in the Ennis Cathedral choir room. Members show enormous commitment to their choir while always retaining a degree of levity in their attitude towards life and performing. The choir has performed successfully at several local events and this is their first performance in Dublin.

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