Monday, January 9, 2012

Terrascope, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and ceramics by Jackie Maurer and Fiona Woods

Terrascope, an exhibition of paintings, drawings and ceramics
New work by Jackie Maurer and Fiona Woods
 in The Red Couch Space at the Courthouse Gallery

JAN 14 – FEB 9, 2012, OPENING Saturday 14TH January at 2pm

The title of the exhibition is made up of two words, terra and scope, chosen to mark out the common ground that exists between the work of these very different artists. Terra refers to the physical substance of earth, but also to the planet as a political and geographical entity. Scope is associated with a particular kind of looking that weighs up and assesses, but it also suggests a broad, sweeping gaze. 

Jackie Maurer works with porcelain, an earthly substance which she transforms into fine and delicate forms. A skilled ceramicist, she has developed a way of incorporating colour and pattern into the clay itself, so that it does not sit on the surface but is integral to the form. She pushes the forms that she makes to the very limit, playing with curves and edges in a way that invites close scrutiny.
Fiona Woods is showing her first body of paintings and drawings for over ten years. Drawing on references both historical and contemporary, Woods has constructed a set of small and playful works, multi-layered images that respond to the world as a socio-geographical unfolding (or enfolding), in which a colonial and post-colonial history is still playing out.  

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