Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY Media and Object Hacking Workshop with Cliona Harmey & Saoirse Higgins

DIY media and object hacking workshop FEB 24th and 25th (1.5 day session) in partnership with VAI  Professional Development Training 

This hands-on workshop session will explore a range of DIY & hardware & object hacking approaches to media art practice. It will discuss the ethos and history of hacking devices, media and objects. Using a mixture of everyday cheap electronics, opensource tools (arduino) and found materials participants will create and work with sensors/switches in order to control motors/lights/media (sound & video clips). The workshop will be accompanied by a basic resource site with links to additional resources (books, websites, suppliers etc).


Cliona Harmey is an artist and lecturer. She is particularly interested in the histories & artifacts of communication technologies (flags, semaphores, computers, camera etc). Recent work often combines sculpture with newer technologies (networked live data/ cctv camera feeds etc). She studied sculpture at NCAD, Hdip Computer Science at UCD and has a MA in Visual Practices from DLIADT. She is based in Dublin and works at the Media Dept at NCAD. Recent projects include “Quantified Self” at The Lab Dublin, Unbuilding, eMobilart International Media Residency.

Saoirse Higgins is an artist from Dublin, Ireland. Saoirse is interested in revealing some of the connections between our visions of the world we live in, our expectations for the future and the technology we use to help us with this. She explores the contested spaces of public-private, man-machine, man-nature. Her work is process-driven and has a scientifically influenced, playful approach. Saoirse shown her work at festivals and galleries such as Montreal Film and New media festival, Transmediale, Siggraph, Exit Art and Location One gallery, New York. She has held residences at e-Mobilart Lab, Disonancias in Spain, Location1 gallery in New York and the Banff Centre for the Arts. She is also a member of the international artist group The Grafting Parlour.

Both Cliona and Saoirse are artists who have worked together before and are generous in their interatctions and collaborations with others.  Both work in academic and other learning settings. Cliona has been part of Blackletter artists collective which provide information and other services to artists peers.

Here are further links to work by Cliona and Saoirse.

Both Cliona and Saoirse have recently produced new work for the exhibition Quantified Self, below, at The LAB Gallery, Dublin City Council

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