Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liens An exhibition of new work by Finola Graham and Pauline Turmel

11 th May – 7th June
Official opening 11th May at 8 pm by Siobhan Mulcahy

Liens (ties, bonds, connections) is an evolution of the work done by the French
artist Pauline Turmel and the Irish artist Finola Graham for their exhibition Cross-Currents in the ‘Centre Culturel Irlandais’Paris in 2011.

The Paris exhibition was the result of a process of exchange of ideas and of place
that took place over a period of three years, between the two artists of different worlds, nationalities and generations.   

Every three months from 2007 to 2010  Turmel came to Co. Clare to work in Graham’s studio and the surounding area, while Graham went to Paris and worked in Turmel’s studio there.

 Finola Graham

While working for our last exhibition in the ‘CCI’ in 2011, I was spending time in an area of paris where, as a student in the 1960’s,  I had lived one of the most intense and formative periods of my life. This brought up a map of submerged memory and layers upon layers of feelings (See image  Lariboissière).  This sense of a mapped history dictated what was for me a new approach to my work.  I started to use fine ink lines and nikawa glue paint   for a very sparse intense use of colour.  Since the Paris exhibition I have continued to work this way using  different textures of paper with prints, paint and  inks. The works in this exhibition combine some of the Paris  works with my recent works.

Pauline Turmel

Pendant que je travaillait pour notre Exposition dans le Centre Culturel Irlandais à Paris 2007/2011 j’ai passé De veritable periods d’immersion dans le quartier de Clare entre Fanore et Ennistymon.
J’ai eu beaucoup des contacts, facilité par le ‘courtyard gallery’
Je suis rentrée en contact et je suis allée à la rencontre de nombreuses
Personnes.c’est de ses expériences que nait les oeuvres qui font partie de cette exposition

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