Monday, July 16, 2012


An exhibition by Emily Mannion and Thomas O Brien. 

21st July - 16th August

Official opening Saturday 21st July at 4pm

Traditionally a folly can refer to buildings that are so deliberately extravagant in decoration and form as to serve no normative function. Instead they create escapist spaces of pleasure and mirth. Folly can also refer to any behavior or action that would commonly be deemed as foolish or lacking good sense. This exhibition seeks to question the traditional function of the gallery in mediating the art experience, Drawing inspiration from the gallery space itself, it augments that space by inserting a whimsical, immersive, pleasurable installation that provokes a questioning of the spaces we accept and a rethinking of what constitutes an aesthetically rich environment. A folly can create physical and personal space for us to transcend our habitus and re-situate ourselves and our aspirations.

The exhibition features a large spatial installation of paper and various mixed media.
Some additional works will be exhibited in the adjoining small gallery.

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