Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hunger / Lullaby / Melancholia

Official opening : Friday 2 November at 8 pm

Carles Casasín  -  Animations

Hunger / Lullaby / Melancholia
 Nov 2 Nov 29,  2012

About the Animations:
My animations are allegories set in an imaginary world where fantasy and reality merge like in dreams. The atmosphere is charged with psychological undertones. The recurring goat man represents the animal side of human nature, our primary instincts gradually fading from our genetic make up.
To create my images I work with oil paintings, watercolours, ink, charcoal and pencil drawings, oil pastels, crayons, digital drawing, photography and Photoshop. Carles Casasín.  Carles is living in Ballyvaughan, Co Clare.

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