Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Light, Space and the Body

Light, Space and the Body

 22nd May - 24th June

 Maeve Collins 
 Karen Hendy
 Adam Pomeroy

An exhibition of work by three artists who are all coming to the body through a journey of individual enquiry and process. The show comprises of mixed media artworks, drawing and painting.

Maeve Collins uses drawing to begin going back into her body, where transparent materials are layered in sculptural artworks, incorporating light and space. The layering of surfaces attempts to hold a fleeting sense of drawings from the body. The qualities of these embodied works reveal a tense stillness and an expressive quietness with a reflective need.

  Karen Hendy's work represents her desire to capture the cycle of change, which is characteristic of impermanence; the disintegration and reinvention of reality, a process that is never at rest, and how this relates to the body. To do this Hendy works through painting, where she uses oil on canvas to express this desire in very abstracted colourful artworks.  

Adam Pomeroy: "In these works, the figure has been realistically depicted, but placed in a background that is devoid of time and place. This serves to challenge its solidity and subvert the illusion of reality. The subject shares no common truth with the viewer; it exists only within its own space. The figure is used as a means to question what we are alone and nameless."


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