Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other People's Memories

Other People's Memories
by  Sara Foust
 Red Couch Space. 22 May - 19 June
 "Other People's Memories" is a preview of new work by artist Sara Foust.
   below: "Ready Steady" by Sara Foust
 Much of the work was created by Sara as part of a public art commission in Kilarney, Co. Kerry. Over the past year, Sara has interviewed residents of a sheltered housing facility in Kilarney about what home means to them. Based on these collected statements, she has created 45 paintings, one for each of the residents, which will be given to them later in the year. The paintings are inspired by stories recounted for her by the residents and capture a sense of fragmented nostalgia, of mystery and fairytale, like half-remembered stories. Sara uses a technique of vivid underpainting to create visual feedback,giving a sense of colour which buzzes and hums. The paintings seem to shimmer, with contrary colours underlying and breaking through.  "Other People's Memories" is a selection of work from the commission, a privileged peek at this new work by Sara Foust

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