Saturday, May 15, 2010


North Clare made film
 Seaside Stories
by Writer/Director Fergus Tighe  
on  Friday 21stMay at 8pm in the Gallery.   
Admission €5

Locky is a boy who's been flourishing since his mother, Anna gave up the drink three years ago
. When Anna's old boyfriend gets out of prison she falls back into her old ways of daytime drinking while Locky runs wild in the streets with his friend Callo, played by Caolann O'Dwyer 13.  Meanwhile sally arrives home determined to tell Locky that she really is his mother. This does not go exactly as planned and sets the scene for a series of events that changes the lives of all involved.
 You can see a few clips of the film on YouTube
Gallivanting Media
 353 86 857 5080

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